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Database Consulting Services:

AL Systems offers a wide variety of other database related services including:
  • Database Modification / Enhancement
    Need to change an existing database? We can help whether need to add or change data fields, input screens, reports, or just about anything else you can think of.  Perhaps a custom script to automate a repetitive process would be useful.

  • Database Redesign
    Got a database that needs a complete overhaul? Maybe you've out grown your existing database design and need to restructure it. This is always a good opportunity to streamline the menus, change input screens and reports, and even add some new features that you always wanted. Perhaps you want to spruce up a plain database with some new functions.

  • Data Conversion
    Do you have trouble importing data from another system? This is often a recurring problem for anyone who manages a database system. It would be convenient if you could specify the format of all the data you receive. Often you have little control over any of this.

    AL Systems has the experience to convert nearly any type of data into a format that will work for you.  We handle a wide variety of database formats, spreadsheets data, text data, proprietary formats, report output files, variable length with multiple record types, and even those hopeless files that others have given up on.

  • Database Integration
    Need several databases combined into a single system? AL Systems can add the type of connection you need. This might be a lookup database, standard relational database (one-to-one), line item relational database (one-to-many), or even a complex relational database that requires intermediate files to store the combined data.

  • Implementing Databases on the Internet
    Need to have your database available through the Internet? This is a new way for users, clients, and others to access information or even update database information with just an ordinary phone connection. The Internet has opened many new possibilities by eliminating the need for costly direct corporate connections.

  • FileMaker Pro Training
    Need to use your database more effectively but never got past the Introduction 101 class? AL Systems can provide a FileMaker Pro beginning or intermediate level overview class or customized tutoring which focus specifically on the concepts you want to learn.

  • FileMaker Pro Password Recovery
    Do you need to change your database but no one knows the master password and the developer has vanished? Maybe someone changed your user passwords before they left your company? AL Systems can recovery lost passwords for FileMaker Databases (Version 2.1 - 5.5)

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