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Database Development Services:

AL Systems develops custom FileMaker Pro Databases for general businesses. If you need a custom database, AL Systems will help your company through the development process described below:

  1. Requirement Specification:
    Detailed requirements are essential to the development of a database. Often these requirements are not known in advance, but are usually developed through meetings between client and AL Systems. Initial steps start with the design of input screens and output reports and progress to the best way to structure the database.

  2. Protype Design:
    These requirements are converted by AL Systems into a design prototype. This includes prototype menu screens, input screens, output reports, data record layouts, script functions, etc. The client and AL Systems sort out the design details at this stage reaching a understanding on the proper design approach.

  3. Database Design:
    Next, the actual database is designed and coded. With enough detailed design requirements, this stage usually progresses smoothly depending on the complexity of the database.

  4. Database Testing:
    Some of the client data is imported into the progressing database. This is necessary for adequate design testing and debugging of the database. Such testing often reveal unforeseen problems which require design modifications. This is just the final part of the ongoing interactive process between client and AL Systems to resolve the final snags.

  5. Installation, Data Import & Training:
    After the completed database is approved by the client, AL Systems installs the final version of the database on the client's computers.  Users are trained in the use of this database.  If necessary, a final conversion and import of the client's data is done just prior to using the new database.

  6. Follow-up Consulting:
    After a custom database is completed, AL Systems will still be available to properly support and maintain it.

Take a look at a few of our Custom Database Solutions Database Solutions


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