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Healthcare Membership EDI Conversion System
Healthcare Membership EDI Conversion

If Medical Management Software is central to your business, do you spend too much money keeping your data current?

Do you spend big bucks for an outside company to update your eligibility membership files month after month? Perhaps you have a whole staff of people to manually update this information instead. Either way, this is a huge expense! It gets worse. The more you grow, the bigger this expense gets. Yet, you'll probably waste even more money in unnecessary payments if you don't update your membership files frequently.

What choice is there at a reasonable cost?

AL Systems offers a companion product for your medical management software to keep your membership data current. We obtain current eligibility files directly from each health plan, convert their propriety formats into your own customized inload format and then send it promptly back to your organization. All this for three cents per name. Similar services are available at five cents per name, but why waste money. Those pennies add up. With membership of 100,000, your annual savings would amount to $24,000. For much bigger savings, AL Systems will even sell the actual conversion programs for your own use. Customized programming available at reasonable cost.

What Health Plans are supported?
--Aetna --Kaiser Permanente
--Blue Cross-California Care --Maxicare
--Blue Shield --One Health Plan
--Care America --Pacificare/Secure Horizons
--Cigna --Prucare
--Foundation Health --United Healthcare
--Health Net/Seniority Plus
Plus other plans in progress

Can you keep your membership data current?

Probably spending too much one way or another.


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