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Direct Mail Statistical Analysis

Is your direct mail program on target or in the waste basket?

Proper tracking of results will make the difference between wasting money and making money. You can't afford not to have the best statistical reports of your data. For each new mailing, use the results of the previous one to decide who should get the next one.

Can you identify your best donors?
Should you mail to your largest donors more often?
Should you focus on donors who continue to give frequently?
Would it better to target last year's donors who haven't given recently?
Perhaps an acquisition mailing is needed to increase overall donations?

APPEAL ANALYSIS+ will answer all these questions providing new insight on your direct mail efforts. Generates a segmented appeal analysis. Use this information to focus your appeals more carefully without wasting money.

  • Automatically segments your results into both dollar and date range categories
  • Augments FundMaster capabilities without the need to replace
  • Track results as often as needed
  • Up to 50 dollar ranges and 4 date ranges allowed
  • Dollar range can track by Last Gift, Largest Gift, Average Gift, First Gift, Total Gift Amount, Total Number of Gifts, etc.
  • Prints Dollar Range, Number Mailed, Percent Mailed, Number of Responses, Percent Responses, Average Gift, Gross Income, Cost, Net Income
  • Works with individual or multiple appeals


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