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  • Multiuser Database system to handle all aspects of a rental reservation business

  • Easily rent or reserve any inventory item.

  • Internal scheduling system tracks availibility for all items in inventory for any date range.

  • Handles unlimited number of orders, items, customers, inventory, etc. whether you have 10 or 100,000

  • Find the right item easily and quickly. Narrow your selection by typing a few characters of the description, model, group, code, serial or barcode

  • Cross Platform - both PC and Mac compatible.

  • Powerful search mode allows complex multiple data field searches.

  1. Order

  2. Order Items

  3. Item Availability / Utilization

  4. Reports

  5. Customer Database

  6. Inventory Database

  7. Item Database

  8. Employee Database

  9. Setup Database

  10. Utilitity Database

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FileMaker Version 12/12/2004 (4,492 KB)
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rent1212.exe (4,511 KB)
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Version 12/12/2004

rentaldb.exe (8,219 KB)
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